Start A Movement For The Youths Of Nigeria To Be Able To Prosecute And Sack The Failed Recycled Old Forces In The 2023 General Elections
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Help Peterson raise ₦10,000,000,000 to Start A Movement For The Youths Of Nigeria To Be Able To Prosecute And Sack The Failed Recycled Old Forces In The 2023 General Elections


My goal is to raise funds for the youths of Nigeria to register, and run a movement by/for them in anticipation of the 2023 general elections to sack the failed and recycled old guards from power.

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Nigeria, Abuja (FCT)

As a Nigerian youth who is a direct victim (like so many others), of the systemic/endemic corruption and inept leadership in our country (Nigeria) where the youths have deliberately, systemically, and continually gotten sidelined from taking their destinies/futures in their hands, to plan, direct, and decide what direction they wish for themselves by the same old analog leaders of the '60s who rely on a deliberately skewed and selfish constitution to run aground and destroy the future of Nigeria without any care in the world so long as their pockets and bank accounts are corruptly enriched.

This problem of corruption and inept leadership had driven the likes of me over 20 years ago into taking drastic and dangerous steps by traveling through the deserts and seas of Africa in search of the proverbial greener pasture overseas at the risk of our lives by way of irregular migration where so many Nigerian youths had unfortunately met their untimely ends, while those of us lucky to have made It through ended up in all sorts demeaning and criminal ventures just to survive.

If you desire for us to take charge of our future, and build a country of our dreams together, kindly contribute towards this fundraiser, keep sharing the link, and join us here

The goal is to raise enough funds to be able to get an all-Nigerian-youth- inclusive movement going that would obviously metamorphose into a political party made up of youths who are truly fed up with the old recycled guards, the status quo, and are eager to truly send the old horses on their overdue retirement to pave a way for the youths to step up to the plate by taking charge and begin to get involved in politics at all levels to enable them to begin to build, decide, and chart a new course for theirs and their children (born and unborn's) future which every Nigerian regardless of ethnicity, creed, religion, and sex will truly be proud of and a country to truly call theirs which will be devoid of all the evils of corruption and lack of patriotism for Country/State as it is presently constituted.

Impossible is Nothing!

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