About Us

People have always turned to their friends, family and communities at a time when a significant amount of money is required to deal with urgent situations or need.

Crowd funding can be a quick and easy way to meet unanticipated, pressing needs. Today, anyone with a smartphone can participate in making a difference with great ease. More and more people are now raising funds online to tackle emergencies more efficiently. Increasing digital access and the convenience of online payments are driving more and more Nigerians and other Africans to take the digital route to mobilize greater support for urgent needs on time.

CloudFundraiser is an online crowd-funding platform that enables anyone across Africa to raise funds for healthcare, charity, education, start-up, relief and other personal or community causes, with great ease

Through CloudFundraiser, people and organizations have the tools they need to share their cause far and wide and harness the power of generosity. We are transforming the way people give and changing lives.

Founded in 2020 by a team of young and passionate entrepreneurs, CloudFundraiser has pioneered the development of person to person giving in Africa.